Tesla Model 3 Purchase Agreement

Yes, that`s what I always do. I always read everything before buying Something In Germany, the site of the Tesla factory planned in the Landkreis Grunheide of Brandenburg has progressed a decisive step: Tesla has now signed the contract of sale with the Land of Brandenburg for the 300 hectares of land for Teslas Gigafactory 4. The sale contract was already approved earlier this month by the State Government of Brandenburg. At the site near the German capital Berlin, Tesla wants to build the plant by next summer to snatch 150,000 Model 3 and Model Y. This figure is expected to rise to 500,000 per year. Although the Brandenburg government and Tesla have signed the sales contract, some details have yet to be worked out. The first is the actual price – the land was originally valued at about 41 million euros, but the final value is adjusted by an independent valuation and accordingly. Your email address will not be published. The required fields are marked – When Tesla signed the contract last weekend, locals protested for and against the plant. The 200 citizens who protested against the factory were most concerned that the negotiations were being secretly and hastily derided. It appears that the parties involved are most concerned about protecting the quality of groundwater and local wildlife and are asking for more information about the California company`s plans for the site. The site is located in a groundwater protection zone, but also next to a highway and another industrial zone.

A brief battle broke out between the two protest groups, but the police managed to control the situation. It also appears that both sides agree on one thing. “In any event, the authorities should provide more information,” said the organizer of the pro-Tesla demonstration: “They only point out that the opposition period has begun. But which citizen reads the 56 files containing all the documents? He explained. Most of the concerns about the plant may be managed by information exchange and fact-checking, but the speed with which decisions about the plant are made is evaporating some premises – the Brandenburg government seems very eager to get things done, as the plant is a huge boost for the local economy and for the nearby city of Berlin as an industrial and technological access point. Took delivery of my AWD with 7 miles, another friend took it with 7 miles, and my neighbor just got a new P3D Saturday with only 6 on the kilometer meter. If there is no owner who bought it from the manufacturer, it is technically new and qualifies for the tax credit, but understand that it has been used by many testers and may have been abused 🙁 I don`t have a VIN on my account yet, but my pickup has been planned for over a week.