Word That Means Peace Agreement

If we fail to find not only a compromise, but a lasting peace agreement, we will know exactly what the scenario will be. It has a name, it`s war. A formal and legitimate document and an agreement negotiated and agreed with a team of representatives of all political parties and an appropriate number of independent politicians in a country, who establishes, signs and ratifies processes, specific plans and projects for the establishment, peace, obtaining, execution, maintenance and examination of circumstances, with a well-defined framework, a unity government, the timing of elections, the Constitution, the responsible roles and functions, and a timetable for discussion with citizens, assisted, if necessary, by the intergovernmental representative of a particular country or nation. The team positively focuses on creating optimal health, human rights, the right to life, shared prosperity, stability, unity government, solidarity, cohesion, animal rights, the right to housing, the right to education, the right to parenthood, the right to custody, the right to a standard of living, the right to access to the internet, Economic stability, financial stability, citizens` rights, equal rights, equal opportunities, employment rights, children`s rights, sustainable development, sustainable development goals, one-party partnership, multi-party work, community building systems, equitable income sharing, wealth, equity and justice in society, in countries and in the world and around the world , and contribute to the establishment of global and national peace agreements, peace agreements, the truth of the universes and a fair, fair and transparent system of control and balance. Any peace agreement that deprives the United States of a robust ability to fight terrorism in Afghanistan is not a peace agreement, but paves the way for a new attack on the U.S.-born country and attacks on U.S. interests around the world. The government agreed to meet with all political parties to reach a peace agreement, discuss, negotiate and adopt a peace agreement. There is a risk that this peace agreement will now be null and void. I signed the peace agreement, but the implementation of that peace entails challenges and high costs, and we face the challenges of repatriating and rehabilitating displaced persons and returnees. We reject any peace agreement that includes President Kiir and Riek Machar as head of the transitional government of national unity, so any peace he signs with the Government of South Sudan will not be legitimate and will not be respected by the general-led SPLM/A-IO.