Domestic Partnership Separation Agreement

To respond to the complaint, you must complete a response and a counter-claim. In this way, you will be able to respond to your partner`s requests and prepare your own proposal to end the partnership. To reply, download one of the following packages and follow all the instructions. In California, partners can terminate a national partnership through an expedited process as long as the decision to dissolve is reciprocal, the couple has been registered as a national partner for five years or less, no children are involved, and the couple`s financial assets and debts are below certain dollar thresholds. The judicial process and issues related to the termination of a national partnership are generally very similar to divorce. This page contains only the basic information and forms needed to end national partnerships. For a more detailed overview of the things you need to know about your case (how to go to court, prepare for trial, file motions, etc.), please visit the divorce section on this site. Many links on this page will lead you to this section. The national partnerships that are entered into also apply at the end of partnerships. You can take a free course where you can learn the basics of family law. Although there is no national partnership class, the divorce class covers the same general issues.

Classes are available to everyone, regardless of income, whether or not you have a lawyer. The courses are taught in English and Spanish. Visit Free Classes for more information. If two people are registered national partners and want to end the partnership, they must file documents to end the partnership. This can be done in two ways: a domestic partnership is not a marriage. However, registered national partners have the same rights, protections, benefits and obligations to spouses. This means that they have the same rights as spouses with respect to their property and debt, as well as for all the children they have together. The end of a national partnership can be complicated, especially when it comes to children, real estate or large financial assets or debt.