Agreement Esl Activity

Much of the correct sentence structure is the object/verb chord. There are many interesting and interesting activities that you can use with your ESL students to work on the right sentence structure. Here are some of our best choices: If you`re teaching absolute beginners and you`ve just taught them some basic arrangements, then you should consider using the missing text as the end of the class review. Or you can use it as a warm-up at the beginning of a class to check the previously covered material. Of course, it is possible to plan a verb chord lesson by using it too. More details here: One way to make them more valuable and memorable is to delete some of the words. In this case, it is either the verb or the subject. If students read it with a partner, they must also fill in the gaps. It`s going from a kind of useless activity to a much more demanding activity. In particular, I like to use this activity for irregular verbs. That`s why it`s a good activity to mix sentences to work on.

The way it works is that you write a series of encrypted sentences in relation to the order of words on the whiteboard or PowerPoint. Students must work to decipher them and write the right sentence. Before doing this activity, you must teach your students a few words to give advice, consents, disagreements and interruptions. I usually work with the phrases provided by EnglishClub, although I delete them to make the list more manageable. Spend time practicing. There are a ton of excellent working papers for ESL students for a technical agreement. Here are some of our favorites: If you`re looking for an ideal activity for absolute beginners, you should consider role-playing games. The way it works is that students have to have the beginning of a conversation and then finish them off.

Of course, the teacher can help. One way to introduce and teach this important grammar point is as an audition lesson. In this case, students may be asked to hear something and choose examples of agreement between the subject and the verb. Or you want to find an exercise from a non-native speaker who has some flaws in him and get students to choose them. Use this simple warm-up activity to check the reference and verb chords at the beginning of the teaching. Or as a quick test at the end. The way it works is that you write a series of sentences on the whiteboard or PowerPoint. Some have mistakes, others don`t. In this case, you want to focus on questions of topics and verbs. A simple game of theme and verb chord is to give students a variety of verbal flashcards.